Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mahathir closet terrorist?

I have heard of conspiracy theories of one sort or another. A friend I know has a pet theory that someone or some party is at the back of the Singapore government, other than the PAP, orchestrating everything to ensure that Singapore is run according to their (not the PAP) whims and fancies that are ultimately self-serving. The rest of us slaves just slog away at our jobs trying as best we can to make a living but unknown to us, our effort contributes to the final objectives of this unknown group. I am not reporting him. I laugh it off. And he sensibility talks about this conspiracy theory behind closed doors.

But Mahathir Mohammad is not one to keep quiet, not even when spewing a conspiracy theory so far fetched and illogical that it does a disservice to his reputation as the longest serving Prime Minister of Malaysia. What did he say? Well, that 911 was not a terrorist attack per se, but one that is orchestrated by the US and other Western countries. The purpose being to create an excuse for the Americans to go to war with/in Afghanistan and Iraq. Oh, he also said that this conspiracy allows the US to brand all 1.6 billion Muslims in the world as terrorists.

Mahathir claims that there is strong evidence that 911 was staged, but does not provide any details about this 'strong evidence'. I think he also claimed to have seen evidence of Anwar Ibrahim's wrongdoing and used it as an excuse to sack him. A case of the pot calling the kettle black perhaps? What is alarming is that he made these claims in a Conference held in KL. Yeah, KL is his 'territory', but that doesn't give him the license to spew nonsense and insult the intelligence and common sense of people. I can imagine the embarrassment of a large number of Malaysians to hear their former PM speak like that.

Mahathir claims that the press is ignoring him, and perhaps the powers that currently sit in Putrajaya are giving him short shrift. Now we know why. But that doesn't give him license to hallucinate in public. The 'West' is already quite used to such Mahathirism, but the 3000 who died in the World Trade Centre must be turning in their graves to know that their deaths were due to a conspiracy by 'their own' people. Not all who died in the WTC were Americans. There were Americans, British, Chinese, Indians, Koreans, etc. - in short the United Nations, in those buildings when they were 'bombed' by the 747s. And I believe there were Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and people of other faiths among them too. But of course it doesn't matter to the Muslims because Muslim terrorists believe that their martyrdom would earn them a haloed place beside All*h.

No wonder the world is wary of any and all Muslims. I suppose now the extremists and would-be terrorists can count the former Prime Minister of a moderate Muslim nation among them.

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