Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Scandalous diversions

Alamak, another interesting thing is developing in Malaysia and the IGP is coming into the picture again. The last time the IGP had such publicity was when he hantam Anwar Ibrahim in jail. But of course this IGP is a different person. He has been pulled in because a high-ranking government official, a political analyst close to a Malaysian Cabinet Minister stands accused of murdering a Mongolian women, with whom he allegedly had a sexual relationship. Now, some police officers have also been arrested, allegedly for complicity in the whole affair.

This juicy story might just be the thing that AB needs to deflect attention from Dr. M's barbs. Stay tuned...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ghosts from the past

With all due respect to his excellency, the Sultan of Johore is spouting nonsense when he said that the Singapore-Johore Causeway should be demolished because, apparently, it was a conspiracy by its former colonial masters, the British, to block the waterways in the Straits so that it will benefit Singapore's southern coastline's port development at the expense of the Port of Tanjung Pelapas. In the first place, his excellency probably thought of the Tanjung Pelapas port as nothing more than for docking sampans by fishermen, until Singapore showed how to profit from having a deep-water coast. Secondly, with or without the Causeway, AP-Moeller-Maersk and Evergreen did move over to PTP, didn't they? Will his excellency be happy only if Keppel becomes a shell?

I don't know which quack advised him on his history, but it is bad advice and bad history. I have not come across any academic who has studied and published on Singapore-Johore / Singapore-Malaysia history and politics with this radical interpretation of history. That the Sultan said that the British hoodwinked his ancestors is a telling admission that they now think that somebody else could be hoodwinking their children today. It is a sad. I personally do not think that the Malays are without common sense . The Sultan should stop portraying them as such.

In this respect, I wonder if the Sultan is not being more like Mahathir, whom he criticised not too long ago, counselling him to stop making noise. Besides, how can Singaporeans contribute to the success of SJER without a bridge? or are Singaporeans not welcome even before the first foundation stone to SJER is laid? If so, it does not augur well for the success of the SJER. I believe Singapore values every opportunity to work together with others for mutual benefit, including Johore. But if the other side doesn't want to play ball, it can do nothing but to turn to others who want, like Batam. Let it not be said later that Singapore is not a friendly neighbour.

The Sultan should be careful with his words and history. It may return to haunt him.

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