Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shadow Krising

For Abdullah Badawi (AB), it isn't going to rain. It is pouring. First, he led his BN alliance to its worst showing in a General Election, though it did help him shed some major deadwood from the government. Then Mukhriz Mahathir fired off a letter urging AB to step down. AB is now facing a constitutional crisis in the State of Trengganu (Terengganu) when the state's royalty (whose sultan is also the King) rejected the government's nominee for Menteri Besar (Chief Minister). Tungku Razaleigh Hamzah added oil to the burning house of UMNO by challenging AB for the Presidency of UMNO, which is the same as challenging AB to move aside and let him be the PM. Now, there are poison-pen letters swirling around Malaysia that is seeking to pull down AB, Anwar Ibrahim-style.

Gosh, these politicians in Malaysia sure have a thousand and one Keris' up their sleeves. Strike while the keris is hot, I suppose, and pull down the incumbent. When the Opposition party claims they can save Malaysia, that is to be expected. But when the untried (Mukhriz), the also-run (Tengku Razaleigh) within the same party, and the silver-spooners (the King) want a piece of the action, you begin to wonder if Malaysia is going to the dogs (who let the dogs out, woof, woof), if you would pardon the expression. If Mukhriz and Razaleigh had any wonder formula, they should have shown it already. As it is, Razaleigh didn't even contest the last elections and Mukkriz's margin of victory is nothing to shout about. Sure, you might say that AB is a failure, but people who failed the first time around should be given a chance to make amends. If half way through and he doesn't show results, then people can boot him out, no questions asked.

Would a change in leadership bring about any good at this time anyway? I think not. And even if a change is necessary, UMNO should support Najib Tun Razak instead, not an also-ran uncle of a royalty.