Monday, June 26, 2006

Tussle among the giants

Giant Slaying -
Just what does Mahathir Mohammad aim to achieve by bad-mouthing the country's Prime Minister and his whole Cabinet? Is his aim to:

1. Bring down the government and offer himself as the alternative?
2. Get the incumbent to apologise to him and follow his lead?
3. Make sure that everyone knows he is still alive and very much kicking at that
4. Ensure that his legacy is perpetuated in stones and steel (albeit crooked ones)
5. Irritate and continue to persecute Singapore even after he finally 'leaves' the scene
6. All of the above

Like I wrote in an earlier post - this man is turning out to be quite a megalomaniac. By so vehemently criticizing the Federal government - a government that he had a hand in forming - he has done what the opposition parties have failed to do. The opposition should be happy about it. But they have remained largely silent, probably because they know that what Dr M is doing will cause Malaysia, the country, to be ridiculed by the rest of the world, if not their own people. He can pretend to wallow in self-pity, and blame the day that he made certain wrong decisions. Yes, it will pull a few heartstrings and probably gain him some sympathizers. But he of all people should know that his time in power has passed. He should just let go.

Clearly, Dr M's tirades will not resolve anything. Instead it will force the powers that be to alienate him, and ultimately, banish his memory from the collective body of UMNO. Far better for Dr M to have taken the silent, consultative approach than to let loose in public over the issues he is now gripping about. After all, he remains an UMNO party elder and should have some measure of influence by reason of seniority, if nothing else.

But such is a person that whatever strength his forthrightness and bluntness used to be when he was in power is now turning into a liability and embarrassment for the rest of the country, government and family. If nothing, will he not save his family from further embarrassment?

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