Friday, September 17, 2010

Typhoon R

Whether it is Singapore's fault that Malaysia ended up with its race-based politics and policies I leave up to the historians, who probably will be able to provide a more dispassionate version of what really happened, why, how and when. My only comment about Dr M's latest outburst that Malaysia owes its racism politics to Singapore (specifically Mr Lee Kuan Yew) is ludicrous. It is true that the Lee government constantly harped on a Malayan Malaysia in those early days. It got itself kicked out of the Federation in1965 and the rest is history.

Can Dr M blame Singapore for what happened in Malaysia after that? If one says yes, then it demonstrates how powerful the PAP government must have been to be able to influence Malaysia politics so permanently from it little island. And this after being kicked out ('turfed out' in Mr Lee's words) of the Federation. Conversely, it also implies how weak Malaysia was, or rather how weak the leaders of Malaysia were, that it was not able to withstand the sheer intellectual and politic typhoon that Singapore dumped on Malaysia during its years in the Federation. Surely Dr M gives more credit to Mr Lee than he deserves.

Leaders of Malaysia had all of 45 years (since 1965 when Singapore was kicked out) to deal with the typhoon, but hey, guess what? They rather liked it and rolled with it, including Dr M, its longest serving Prime Minister. I wonder why Dr M is giving such high praise to the leaders of Singapore? Does he want to apply for PR and then become a citizen of Singapore?

If so, say so lah! Don't need to beat about the bush.