Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Malaysia boleh

We all know that Malaysia is corrupt to the core, in spite of recent effort by its government to rein in the shenanigans. But this must surely take the cake. A Royal Malaysia Air Force personnel (they didn't mention rank here, but it cannot be a lance corporal, surely?) has ganged up with foreigners (South American) to take a RM50 million engine out of the country from one of its military airbase. This has nothing to do with a friendly exchange of technology. It is reportedly a simple case of theft. But at this level and within its military? You have to be concerned, very concerned.

The Malaysian authorities are onto the case. They don't approve of it, of course. And now that the cat is out of the bag, they have a lot of damage control to manage, not least of which is to assure the rest of the world that the integrity of its military is still intact, that a rogue Captain/Major/Colonel (or maybe even ranked higher?) has been captured and will face a court-martial.

The questions that calls for answers are:

1. How much control and discipline is there in the Malaysia armed forces today? Is the military just as corrupt as the politicians, the police and everyone in between? 
2. If someONE can ship out a $14.5 million fighter jet engine without authorisation, what else can't be leaked out of its military bases?
3. How high up the echelon is the perpetrator of this theft. Surely not just a Colonel?
4. Is there only one perpetrator on the Malaysian side? Just one? Really?

This gives a different spin on 'Malaysia boleh'!

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